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The farm Tenuta Viglione founds its origins in the ancient rural traditions and in the ancient traditions of viticulture of Zullo's family that moved by a desire to confirm the enormous potential of viticulture in the area between the towns of Gioia del Colle (Ba) and Santeramo in Colle (Ba ), for decades produce quality wines in these territories.

The family Zullo, since its origin has produced wines with techniques and production methods of the most advanced of the time.

After many years, the passion for the this art, the love for their land and for the family are important values pursued by Giovanni Zullo, which represents, in our time the third generation of the family Zullo.

In the last years Giovanni Zullo has worked to a process of reorganization and modernization of the old farmhouse "Viglione" that represents today a big new farm.

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Società Agricola

Santeramo in Colle (BA)
Via Carlo Marx, 44
Tel. +39 080.3022415
Fax +39 080.3023927

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