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Trebbiano is a vine with 'white grapes' which has its origins in Romagna, dating back to Etruscan and Roman period. Over the years, from the ancient stump of Trebbiano grapes are born various vine families , including that of Apulia, closely related to that of Romagna. In this region from Trebbiano are obtained light, fragrant and fresh wines...


It’s a vine with a white grapes which is mainly present in Apulia. It has a slight aroma reminiscent of Muscat, with simple and refined taste.


Chardonnay is a white berry grape variety, grown wherever wine is produced, but its meeting with Apulia has been happy enough to allow its wide spreading and growing. This grape variety prefers temperate Mediterranean climates, hilly territories, and fresh windy environments. That's why the Murgian territory features a lucky habitat for this grape variety.



Aleatico of Apulia is an aromatic vine with black grapes that has spread and grown throughout the region. The plant has a large dark green leaf, whose cluster is small and long and the grape is medium.


Red grape variety, whose name derives from the earliness of the plant in all its stages, from the germination to the maturation of grape . The introduction in Gioia del Colle and in Apulia of some vines ,such as Primitivo, probably occured in the 20 century by the Benedictines. Here the monks found the land and favorable climatic conditions for wine growing.


Merlot is a red grape variety, native of the southern regions of France, whose name derives from the particular predilection that has the blackbird for its berries. The vine has a medium and pentagonal leaf, the cluster is medium and pyramidal, the berry is medium, round and its colour is blue-black.


Sangiovese is one of the most popular grape varieties in Italy. It is a vine abundantly grown in the region of Apulia and appreciated all over the world for the structure, the fullness of taste, elegance and aging ability.


Its origin is not from Apulia, but Apulia has found an ideal climate and an area for its development. Montepulciano is very common in the area of Foggia and Bari. It has a medium and pentagonal leaf, the cluster is medium with a conic shape, the berry is medium, oval and its colour is black-purple.

Fiano Minutolo

White grape, native of Apulia. The grape variety has small leaf, the cluster is medium, , the berry is medium and its colour is golden yellow with shades of amber.


White grape, native of the area of Prosecco. It has medium-large leaf, the bunch is medium-large and pyramidal, the berry is medium, spheroidal, with golden-yellow skin.

Bianco d’Alessano

White grape variety whose presence in the “Murge Tarantine” dates back to 1870. It has a medium-large leaf, the cluster is of medium size, cylindrical, simple and compact, the berries are medium and spherical. The training system is a media boom, with extensive pruning.


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