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The wine cellar "Tenuta Viglione"is located inside an historical path very suggestive, situated beside a tourist route that includes the archaic way "Appia Antica" merging with places of incomparable historic and landscape painting beauty including: the famous "Sassi " of Matera , the old town of Altamura, the Byzantine town of Gioia del Colle, and near the impressive Grotte di Castellana and the famous Trulli of Valle d'Itria.

Gioia del Colle

Its name derives from "Joha", an adaptation of the surname Joannakis, who was an old Byzantine family present in these places in the Middle Ages.

The town of Gioia del Colle was rebuilt by the Norman Richard Siniscalco, but was destroyed by William I of Sicily known as "the Bad".



The town of Matera is famous worldwide for historic "Sassi", old quarters, recognized in 1993 by UNESCO as World Heritage.

The town of Matera is very old. The torrent Gravina di Matera marks the two old districts of the town: Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso.

The ancient districts called Sassi are the most important feature of Matera and the reason of the oneness of the town.



Altamura, also known as the "Lioness of Puglia" is an ancient town inhabited since ancient times, as was demonstrated with the finding of the Man of Altamura, the first man. The town is located in the National Park of Alta Murgia, a majestic karstic cavity. But the territory of Altamura is known worldwide for the discovery in a cave of the Man of Altamura, an intact and unique skeleton of Homo Arcaicus lived 200-300 thousand years ago '.


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